Sponsor Information

What is Splash Conference?

  • SPLASH is a yearly conference that gives high school students the opportunity to visit a university, take academic and extracurricular courses taught by UC Merced students, faculty, staff, and local community members!

  • The SPLASH conference has been taking place on other campuses like MIT, Stanford, UC Berkeley, Claremont University and now at UC Merced for the second year!
How can you contribute?

  • There is a $20 cost per high school student that includes registration fee, food, a t-shirt and a water bottle.

  • Become a sponsor and make a donation! Your donation of $20 makes it possible for a high school student in the Central Valley to attend this conference and experience opportunities in high education.

  • Download/Visit: Our Document
What is the goal of SPLASH?

  • SPLASH is organized by Generation to Generation, a student led organization that strives to enlighten and guide Merced youth through mentoring, resources, and workshops focused on higher education learning.
How do sponsors benefit?

  • Your sponsorship will be acknowledged on our Splash program pamphlets and the Generation to Generation Website.

  • If there is a specific way you would like your sponsorship acknowledged, please let us know on the sponsorship form in the back.

Thank you for your contribution to the UC Merced Splash Conference. This conference is completely ran by UC Merced undergraduate students. With any contributions to this conference, it does not only help the Generation to Generation team but our participating high school students gladly appreciate your valuable contribution. Thank you! Please email us if you have any questions, concerns, or comments: email us at

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