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UCM Splash 2019 - Catalog

Workshop Name Description Organization/Teacher
Star Wars and Shakespeare-Buddies for Life Everyone loves Star Wars, but not everyone loves Shakespeare. In this course we will look at how Star Wars and Shakespeare have very similar themes-and we will even look at excerpts for the Star Wars movies and see what it would look like if Shakespeare wrote these movies. This fun look at Star Wars will help show that Shakespeare isn't so scary, and that Shakespeare can be as cool as Star Wars Christopher Ingle
DJ (Disk Jockey) and Live Music Making Fundamentals During this course, students will learn how to mash up different songs from various genres of music. Students will also learn the art of scratching, mixing, and even a bit of music theory as they learn the fundamentals of being a DJ. Fernando Roman
College 101 Learn the basics. Get information about the various types of colleges, the different levels of college degrees and more. Viridiana Vazquez
99Rootz Community Transformation We believe that we can change our communities using transformative strategies that are rooted in the issues we care about! Come learn about us and how to get involved! Ines Garcia
Positive Psych: Organization, Planning, and Staying Happy Let's learn to see the glass half full! This class will cover the importance of organization and planning and how it can make you a happier person. Through group activities and reflection, we will learn how to organize effectively and plan efficiently. We will also learn how our brain responds to these skills and how they influence our mental health. Alessandra Fontana
Merced Pre-Law Society Students will be able to learn about law school requirements they should know before entering college. There will also be a student panel and short activities such as trivia about different laws and a short moot court debate competition. There will possibly be a Merced attorney who can talk to the students about their journey before and after law school. Jose Lopez
Evolution of Popular Music This course will take students through the evolution of pop music from the early 60's to today's hits. Jose Guzman
CITRIS Programming This course will focus on teaching high schoolers introduction programming using Cozmo bots on behave of CITRIS. Ka Wai Liang & Bizet Rodriguez
Hustling Your Way Through College High school students can learn about all the tips and tricks they need to know in order to save and earn money in college. High school students will get a chance to learn from current broke college students, how to use social media to get cheap deals, how to budget financial aid money, and how to eat out while broke. Jacqueline Diaz
Nutrition & Food Waste in College Learn about the importance of nutrition as a college student along with tips and tricks on how to save money and foodwaste! Jacqueline Sernas
The Power of Spoken Word Students will grow aware of the history of spoken word and how it can be utilized as a form of expression, resilience, and empowerment. Angelica Costilla-Mancha
SPS - Fun Physics Demos This course will be a full of physics demos that students will able to interact with, and understand the science behind. The demos will consist of different branches of physics covering topics such as Vibrations/Acoustics, Fluidization of solid/Non Newtonian fluid, Space-time, and more. We want to expose you to variety of opportunities there are in physics. We ultimately want to show you how fun physics can be. Ulyses Alvarado Olvera
UC Merced Brown Issues Interested in student advocacy and social movements? Join us in creating a safe place to discuss ways in which to rise above issues within your community. Learn about leadership opportunities. Elizabeth Meza Torres
Super Bugs: The Antibiotic Resistance Villain Microbes are scary, but you know what's scarier? Microbial strains that are becoming resistant to the majority of the common antibiotics we use today. Come learn about what "superbugs" are and what you can do to help prevent the spread of these mutant strains. Birginia Espinoza
College & Career Planning Learn how to take college classes while your still in high school. Understand community college and CSU costs, what the FAFSA is, and what kind of programs and career opportunities are offered. Jessica Roldan
The Future Of Alzheimer's Almost 6 million people in our country live with Alzheimers, and that number continues to grow every year. In this course, we will discuss an approach to treatment outlined in "The End of Alzheimer's" by Dale Bredesen, and I will also talk about my experience working with those with Alzheimer's and Dementia. Whether you have a family member or loved one with Alzheimer's, or are just interested to learn more, I hope to see you in class! Kate Bryan
Unidos Por Salud: Is Vaping Good or Bad? Come learn about what vaping is and how it affects youth all over California. There will be games and prizes, so don't miss out on this chance to learn about flavored tobacco products and how you can get involved in your communities! Morelia Marines
Bio-inspired: What Happens When Nature Meets Engineering? Are you interested in science? Do you like biology or engineering? Have you ever wondered what could happen if biologists and engineers worked together? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then this workshop is for you! Come and learn about what happens when biology meets engineering, and how this collaboration can lead to discoveries that turn science fiction into reality. In this workshop, you will learn about biotechnology, biology, engineering and much more. You will also get to look at microorganisms under the microscope and use them to design your own bio-inspired machine. Finally, you will learn about exciting scientific research being conducted at UC Merced, as well as engaging STEM opportunities for high school students and recent graduates at UC Merced this summer. Hosted by the NSF-CREST Center for Cellular and Biomolecular Machines (CCBM) at UC Merced ( Asmaa Mohamed
Identity Deep Dive Interested in developing a deeper sense of self? Join us for an interactive session in learning about social identities, intersectionality, privilege & oppression, and more! By the end of this workshop, participants will feel confident in practicing acceptance of self and others. Ariana Mora Mero
Introductory to Dentistry We will be going over the pathway for dentistry and how they can begin their journey to dental school! After our presentation, we will be having a hands on workshop that will practice their manual dexterity. The hands on workshop will be origami. Elizabeth Bravo
Higher Education, A Plan for Undocumented Students In this course, we will discuss ways to make higher education accessible for undocumented students by covering the different barriers that a student may face when pursuing higher education and how one can navigate through them. We will provide students with resources and present an overview of how students may apply for financial aid. This course is open to students, staff, and parents. Attendees do not need to disclose their legal status. It is a safe space for learning and interaction. Refreshments will be provided and active participants will have the opportunity to win a prize! Kevin Teas Aldana
College Climb to Success This course will help student's understand the expectations of what college life can be like. It will also offer information on best way's to maintain a life/school/work balance as they prepare for future careers in the sciences. The class will be interactive and allow for plenty of Q & A about expectations in college life. Teri Campos
Easy and Fast Nutritional Habits This class is dedicated to teach students to understand what is in there plate, how to avoid eating unhealthy goods, and introduce quick healthy snack recipes. Jacqueline Hernandez Contreras
Introduction to Economics What is Economics and how does it apply to one's day-to-day life? A basic introduction to Economics starting with the foundation of Supply and Demand. Jonathan Ha
Cognitive Psychology: Selective Attention Interested in how our minds work? This class is an introduction to one of the concepts in cognitive psychology. Come learn about the fascinating functions and limitations regarding our selective attention! Preston Ma
Majors & Careers: Choosing the Path for You This class is about helping students figure out what they would possibly like to major in or what kind of career they would like to pursue. It is okay to not know what path they would like to take, but it is beneficial to start thinking about it and explore all possible options. Judith Garcia & Rocio Robledo
Mars Rover: Technology in STEM This course will introduce students to the use of arduino and its many applications in STEM. Within the time frame of the course, participants will learn how to design and execute a project. In particular, we will be looking at a miniature Mars rover. Christian Lopez Garcia & Leonel Orozco
College Quiplash One of the best ways to enhance college life is by sharing good times with your friends! And what better way to spend time with your friends than with a game? The gut-busting party video game from Jackbox Games™ comes to UC Merced, with a twist! Featuring over 100 brand new prompts, College Quiplash is sure to provide a fun experience for everyone. Course includes 2 Quiplash games, a raffle, and enough time at the end for random QnA. The top three players at the end of each game will receive exclusive prizes. Along the way, randomly selected students will be tested with vital trivia questions that will provide the tips they need to succeed in any college. Ezer Angeles
The Best You You're stepping into college, wondering what to expect, how you'll handle all of your tasks, and more importantly, how are you going to build yourself as a person? With life and school being juggled, sometimes it's hard to remember why we go to college in the first place. Join this class to discover a few skills and discover what college means to yourself and what you want to get out of it to become the best you! Jasmine Heer
Life As a Pre-Med Student Do you want to become a doctor? Well, you're in luck, cause this class is here to teach you all about what is required and recommnended for you to do as an undergraduate pre-med student. In this class, we will not only tell you about what is expected of you, but we will offer you some insight as to how we have navigated pre-med. Come join the students of the American Medical Student Association, as we give you the scoop on "Life as a Pre-Med Student" Eric Lebish
Smashing through College Come and find out how to properly handle fun and your school responsibilities! It is important to allow yourself to have some sort of destresser in order to keep your motivation up and battery charged. All work and no fun is just as bad as all fun and no work. Roberto Sanchez
Young Money Inform students on how to manage and earn money at a young age. Tehray Mccullough